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Glee Fanfiction

For the underdog in all of us...who loves to write.

Fanfiction from Fox's Television Show Glee
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Gleefic: Fanfiction for the Fox T.V. Show Glee +
Welcome to Gleefic, a site for fanfiction pertaining to the Fox show Glee. Here you can post and/or view fan fiction about the television series! But first, a few guidelines:

Please proofread your work before posting - FiCS tYpEd lYkE DiS are quite annoying, and mostly likely will go unread.

Please do not promote/advertise.

Absolutely NO bashing of any character, pairing, or author will be tolerated.
Rules +
1. The subject line of your fanfic must look like this:

Title: Pairing, Rating

2. Your fic must be put under an LJ cut or a link to another journal. Above it, please include the following:

Word Count:

3.No arguing. Constructive criticism is welcome (unless otherwise stated).

4. To keep the community organized, please use tags following this guideline:

General fics:
your username, pairing and/or character, rating.
For example: jazzebelles, will/emma, pg

To announce challenges:
your username, challenges, name of challenge

For challenge fics:
your username, name of challenge, pairing, rating
Example: jazzebelles, musical fanfiction challenge, finn/rachel, pg-13

5. Starting Sept. 9th, 2009, if you are posting a fic less than twenty four (24) hours after the episode has aired, be sure to indicate whether or not there are spoilers CLEARLY in your entry.

6. If your post does not meet the rules and expectations of the community, it will be deleted.
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